Vapour Meat

Vapour Meat [HP0.3.1]alpha ()
Created with Oron Catts
(300mg dessicated, ground in vitro mouse meat(C2C12),ultrasonic vapouriser, essential oils, water, glass bottles, rubber stoppers, microperfusion pump, perspex, plastic tubing)
1000mm x 500mm x 300mm

Vapour Meat responds to a growing uneasiness with meat. The negative effects of meat industries have resulted in the rise of veganism, vegetarianism, ethical omnivorism and technological solutions like lab-grown meat, a.k.a. ‘clean meat’. Yet these responses result in an increasing distance between ourselves and the animal Other. Vapour Meat uses this scenario to posit a future in which we reach for the technological in lieu of the real. This work was exhibited at the Science Gallery Dublin.

Some words about the work:

Vapour Meat: a helmet to vape the essence of ‘clean meat’
by Régine Debatty at We Make Money Not Art

Fact, Fiction and the Art of Deception
by Anthony King for Nature

Images were provided courtesy of the Science Gallery Dublin, 2018.