Devon Ward is an artist who creates digital and living systems to explore concepts of time, place and identity. He has exhibited internationally in Australia, China, Japan, Ireland, UK and the United States.

2014   Master of Biological Arts, The University of Western Australia, AU
2010   Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Florida, US

Selected Exhibitions
2020   Designs for Different Futures, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, US
2020   Faculty Biennial 2020, University Galleries, Illinois State, US
2020   Urban Screening, Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne, AU
2019   Designs for Difference Futures, Philadelphia Museum of Art, US
2019   Urban Screening,  Perth Cultural Centre, Perth, AU
2019   Growing ZHI, Zhi Art Museum, Chengdu, CN
2019   Gnawing Fields, The Lobby, Perth, AU
2019   Quasi-Nature, Hyundai Motor Studio, Beijing, CN
2019   Growing, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, CN
2019   The Tempering, Cool Change Contemporary, Perth, AU
2018   Dark Skies Ahead, Paper Mountain, Perth, AU
2018   Fake, Science Gallery Dublin, Dublin, IE
2017   Fremantle Biennale: High Tide, Fremantle, AU
2017   This is Not Art (TiNA), Critical Animals, Newcastle, AU
2017   Transart, Roe St Footbridge, Perth, AU
2017   Co•–st•–l W•–ve Tr•–nsl•–tor, Elizabeth Quay, Perth, AU
2016   Scrapped (curation), Aartlab, Perth, AU
2016   Protistopia and Posthuman Mythologies (curation), Aartlab, Perth, AU
2015   Futile Labor, John Curtin Gallery, Perth, AU
2015   Busied & Bruised with Looking, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth
2014   Nerves in Patterns on a Screen, Paper Mountain, Perth, AU
2014   Repetitions of Observation, ArtLaab, Perth, AU
2013   Marqeu d’ironie, Light Locker, Perth, AU
2010   Tales of a Man-myth, Reitz Union Gallery, Gainesville, US
2010   Musical Chairs, Eleanor Blair’s Studio, Gainesville, US
2010   Ligature 19, Focus Gallery, Gainesville, US
2009   Proof of Unicorns, WARP Gallery, Gainesville, US
2009   Made in Japan, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2008   Ligature 17, Focus Gallery, Gainesville, US

Awards + Grants
2019   UWA Award for Excellence in Teaching, Sessionals and Tutors, UWA
2014   Visual Arts Grant, Australian-American Association, Dame Joan Sutherland Fund

Residencies + Conference Presentations
2018   Digital Naturalism, Phuket, TH
2017   Back to the Future: The Next 50 Years, 51st International Conference for Architecture, Wellington, NZ
2016   Ars Bioarctica Residency, University of Helsinki, Kilpisjärvi, FI
2015   SymbioticA, UWA, Perth, AU
2015   Neolife Conference, UWA, Perth, AU

2018   BYO Lab,  Spectra + ANAT, Adelaide, AU
2015   Hack the Lab, SymbioticA + Perth Modern, UWA, Perth, AU
2015   Didactic Tools, The Fremantle Art Centre, Fremantle, AU
2015   Spark_Lab, Perth Institute for Contemporary Art, Perth, AU
2013   SymbioticA, School of Indigenous Studies, UWA, Perth, AU

Selected Interviews, Talks and Seminars

2017  Back to the Future: The Next 50 Years, 51st International Conference of the Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA), University of Victoria Wellington, Wellington, NZ
2015  Neolife Conference, University of Western Australia, Perth, WA
2015  Perth Centre for Photography, Perth, WA
2015  Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, UWA, Perth, WA
2014  SymbioticA, Artist Talk, Perth, WA
2014  Paper Mountain, Artist Talk, Perth, WA
2014  RTRFM, Artbeat, Radio Interview, Perth, WA