Compost-cubator 0.4 ()
Created with Oron Catts + Ionat Zurr
(5 tons mulch, post-fermentation barley mix, horse-manure, steel, acrylic, plastic tubing, copper pipe, thermostat, C2C12 mouse muscle cells)
3 meters x 3 meters x 2.5 meters

We currently live in an age where cells can be extracted from a body, grown and maintained in a lab, and—at the same time—our biomes are undergoing dramatic changes. In this context, the term ‘natural’ may no longer be relevant.

Compost-cubator 4.0 is an installation the reflects these changing realities. It is an amalgam featuring a 5-ton compost filled with microbes, mulch, mushrooms that combine to produce enough heat to support a small custom-designed incubator, which contains a vial of lab-grown mouse muscle cells (C2C12s). The result is a contemporary collage that constitutes new and emerging ecologies.


2019 ZHI Art Museum, Chengdu, CN
2019 Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, CN