_Foundations_2100_ ()
Created with Kynan Tan
(Climate models Geoscience Australia, timber, plywood, fencing, microcomputer, custom-built speakers, solar panel, marine battery, javascript web audio API)
3m x 2.4m x 12m
Find the live sound here: foundations2100.net


_Foundations_2100_ is a memorial to the floods of 2100.

According to climate models created by Geoscience Australia, by the year 2100 sea levels could rise high enough to completely flood the foreshore of Perth, Western Australia. The result could leave nearby roads and parks underwater, including Elizabeth Quay, Langley Park, Terrace Road and portions of Adelaide Terrace.

In light of these projections _Foundations_2100_ is a sound installation that offers a space to contemplate the changes that could take place within the lifetimes of the next generation. The installation is composed of the basic formwork necessary to build a concrete seawall. If we think about our collective future, we should consider what kind of walls we really want to build. Seawalls may be best.

The sound is procedurally generated using javascript and webAudio. It played continuously for 40 days, from 17 July to 26 August 2017. However, the online version of _Foundations_2100_ will play continuously from 17 July 2017 to 17 July 2100, assuming the internet is still high and dry by then. This project was commissioned by Transart, Perth’s ephemeral art initiative and was part of Perth’s Winter Art Season.